About Us

Dr. Fox and His Staff

Dr. Fox provides comprehensive medical and surgical management of orthopedic conditions involving the hip and knee. His practice also includes some fractures of the pelvis and lower extremities. Since finishing his training at the Mayo clinic in 1989 he has been performing partial and total replacements of the hip and knee, arthroscopies of the knee and fracture care to the pelvis and lower extremity. The results have been phenomenal thus improving his patients’ quality of life. Dr. Fox consistently is rated as one of the top surgeons in San Antonio by both his peers and patients.

Although having trained at one of the top medical centers in the world, Dr. Fox knows that continuing research is the key to cutting edge orthopedics. He has extensive knowledge and experience conducting various research studies with his Research team. Studies have included DVT prevention for total hip and total knee replacement, osteoarthritis medications for the hip and knee, stem cell research for torn meniscus, and knee injections for osteoarthritis.

I take great pride in our ability and desire to deliver quality and compassionate care to my patients. This care and level of service does not come about without a great many skilled people surrounding me. This ranges from my partners, Dr. Chance, Dr. Lynch, Dr. Schulze, Dr. Simon, and Dr. Wilcox in Northeast Orthopedics to our experienced staff who assist us in the daily routine of patient care.

My own “personal” team consists of Adam, Melba, Stephanie, Angela, and Shannon. Each has been selected for their unique job and I believe there is none better!

I look forward to caring for you or your loved one and making you a part of “our family”.