General Anatomy of the Hip

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Verilast Hip Implant Technology

“It was my great fortune to find Dr Fox three years ago when I realized I may need multiple total joint replacement surgeries.Given that I was a recent transplant to the Hill Country in Texas from Cleveland,  Ohio,  I thought NO ONE could beat the Cleveland Clinic. Boy, was I wrong! Dr Fox helped me understand on my first visit that I was in excellent, world class hands for my care.

He is very thorough, patient, knowledgeable,  and caring. I knew my surgeries and my rehabilitation would be successful with Dr Fox and his staff guiding my journey.

Both my hip and knee replacement surgeries went as planned. I would repeat both without hesitation with Dr. Fox.

My care continues with Dr Fox and his staff to this day as he wants to make sure his patients continue to regain full mobility with which to enjoy our lives.

Dr Fox saved me from a lifetime of pain and decreased activity. He can do the same for YOU!”



Our mission is to provide long-term compassionate orthopaedic care to our patients.

Let us restore normal joint form and function through physical therapy/rehabilitation, arthroscopy and surgical reconstruction.